MUD = Mindfulness Using Desserts

Our mission is to produce nutritious frozen treats that nourish your body and satisfy your sweet tooth. We believe you deserve sweet nourishment along your path to be your best self. Eat MUD!

Meaning of ‘Mindfulness’ to us:

Paying attention to each other – human attention span has gone from 20 seconds to 8 seconds in the past 17 years. We have a shorter attention span than a gold fish. Cherish the small moments with each other.

Paying attention to ingredients – don’t be fooled by false marketing claims on product packaging – go straight to the ingredient label to learn the truth about what you are putting into your sacred body.

Paying attention to your self – embrace your mud (life challenges) & ‘eat (accept) it’ to flower into your best self.

Did you know?

MUD is an acronym for ‘Mindfulness Using Desserts’.

All of our ingredients are grown on trees (except for Vanilla which is a flower).